Integration Manager

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BS Finance, University of Nevada – Las Vegas
MBA Finance, University of Nevada – Las Vegas (Exp. 2017)

In his role as Integration Manager at MMi Corbin searches for new and exciting opportunities in the world of technology that will lead to increased media accountability.  Advertisers want to ensure they are getting accurate answers to MMi’s Three Questions now more than ever, and Corbin seeks to identify new technologies that can help provide these answers and generate insights.

Prior to MMi Corbin spent time working in the corporate offices of a major casino in Las Vegas.  He alternated between roles in Finance and Marketing Capabilities and in both roles was exposed to the awesome power of big data.  Prior to this experience he worked with two technology startups in the Las Vegas area.

When not working or attending startup pitch competitions Corbin can be found on the golf course with his wife.  He also enjoys travel, good food and increasing his knowledge of the Chinese language.