U.S. Media Marketplace Overview

Cost Benchmarking, Pools and Marketplace Transparency as Compared to International Markets

This outlines key differences between the media marketplace in the United States and that of Europe and other international markets, particularly as it impacts media auditing. While there are numerous variations in business and other practices around the world, read more…

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Spot Television and Effective Stewardship

Spot television time buying can be a sexy business.  The buyer’s job is a complicated mix of very different tasks: read more…

Forecasting audience delivery of television programs based on Nielsen data
Negotiating the price to be paid for ads placed in those programs,

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Time-Shifted Viewing

A Fresh New Look

As of mid-2011, Nielsen reported digital video recorders (DVR’s) had reached 40.4% household penetration across all markets, ranging from a low of 18.9% (Marquette) to a high of 52.7% (Dallas-Ft. Worth). Increased use of mobile, read more…

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Radio Posting Methodology

This provides recommendations re posting radio schedules via Arbitron ratings with consideration of the current diary-based service as well as forthcoming deployment of the Portable People MeterSM.

Sampling issues have been addressed extensively for Arbitron’s diary service (ref. read more…

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Media Flighting Strategies

Debates regarding scheduling strategy are nearly as old as advertising itself.   Ultimately, questions center on concentrated bursts (separated by hiatus periods) versus more continuous approaches with fewer (or at least shorter) hiatus periods.  Often these discussions also deal with effective frequency and time frame (i.e. read more…

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