Finally, a better solution to Digital Media auditing.  MMi Diced™ is a completely new approach to Digital Media insights.

In October, 1994, the first online display ad was launched.  From that point, digital media have enticed advertisers with the potential for unequaled targeting, effectiveness and analytics.  What marketers have received instead has been something … short of that.  Confusing, opaque, frustrating, black box, unaccountable are some of the terms that we hear regularly from advertisers.

We’ve heard from our clients that they want a better solution to Digital Media auditing and accountability.  As such we’re pleased to introduce

MMi Diced™ is an agile and modular Digital Media insights offering.  It is designed to allow our clients to access individual components (to match their Digital Media investment) or to leverage the entire offering as a one-stop solution.

For the first time ever, advertisers receive comprehensive scoring and prescriptive, actionable insights so that they can get a more accurate read on their digital media performance from a respected, expert third party.

Want to learn more about MMi Diced™ and how it can help your organization make sense of your digital media?  Contact us.