Sponsorship Science is now part of MMi!








63% of marketers do not have a standardized process(es) for measuring return on sponsorship initiatives*

Sponsorship Science.  Because Sponsorships Are Not a Game.  Our partnership with MMi will bring clients exciting new opportunities:

  • End to end accountability solution covering all Sponsorship investments
  • Leverage AI/machine learning, allowing for infinite scalability – no need to “sample”
  • Leverage MMi Quality Controls, significantly enhanced 3rd party audience research and industry cost-benchmarking data
  • Ability to combine paid schedule + sponsorship delivery and compliance for Total Brand Accountability
  • Industry-leading methodology to account for multiple Sponsorship elements
  • 20+ years of thought leadership in media transparency, accountability and ROI
  • Learn more about MMi here.

* “Improving Sponsorship Accountability Metrics”; July, 2018; Association of National Advertisers(ANA) and Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB)