A media audit is a fact-based assessment of the performance of your media buys by a neutral, expert third party.



MMi’s Circle Audit® is designed to answer the MMi 3 Questions
  1. Did I get what I paid for?
  2. Did I pay a reasonable price?
  3. Were my media buys managed to my specs?

MMi’s Circle Audit® is considered the leading edge solution for media auditing in the US, with results driven by our patented, proprietary Circle Audit® technology. This allows us to go well beyond answering the MMi 3 Questions. Circle Audit® is designed to use empirical data to provide the client with objective feedback on how their media buying agency is performing. An MMi audit consists of Data Acquisition, Quality Control and Media Analytics. Each step within our Circle Audit® platform is designed to ensure that the client is getting full return on their media investment.

An MMi media audit doesn’t rely on sampling

With our patented, proprietary Circle Audit® technology we can assess 100% of a client’s media buys with transparent and actionable outputs. We can work across a multi-agency or multi-brand media buying paradigm with ease, providing all internal constituents with consistent reporting against multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) covering the needs of Media, Marketing, Finance and Internal Audits.

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