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Mike Solomon

In a new MediaPost column out today, MMi COO Mike Solomon argues that the transition from Diary to RPD+ Nielsen measurement in 3rd quarter, 2018, should not equate to a lack of delivery accountability for spot TV advertisers in these markets.  This is a significant methodology change, so there will be differences in results beetween the two measurements; however, the industry has been aware of this planned shift for a very long time, and buyers and sellers within the marketplace should have taken steps to prepare.

Although buyers would have ideally had more “Impact Data” (prior months restated on the new methodology) to analyze, November and February Impact Data was released in June, which should have allowed buyers to re-rate 3rd quarter buys on the new methodology.  “Advertisers should expect accountability during and after the transition to RPD+ measurement,” Mike writes.  “The advertiser’s media agency has purchased an audience on the client’s behalf, and that client should receive some quantification as to the degree to which it was delivered.”

Read the entire post here.


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