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Thomas BridgeMMi’s CEO Thomas Bridge argues in a new MediaPost column that all entities throughout the media buying ecosystem (agencies included) should be held financially accountable for performance against documented expectations — not just Google.

In a recent address at Advertising Week Europe, Interpublic Group CEO Michael Roth noted with respect to recent brand safety concerns on Google’s YouTube that “The best way to fix it is to hold them economically accountable.”  Although IPG has not universally pulled back client investments from YouTube, many individual advertisers have (as well as holding company Havas in the UK).

In the column, Thomas asks “If it is acceptable for IPG (or Havas) to hold back funds from Google for failure to perform at the stated expectations, then can an advertiser hold back funds from IPG (or any agency or holding company) for failure to perform?  This seems reasonable, but in practice, it is also complex and would have to be implemented with painstaking detail – which it so often is not.”

Read the entire column on MediaPost.com


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