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Thomas BridgeA new article in The Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today written by MMi’s Thomas Bridge and Deloitte & Touche LLP’s David Cutbill and Christopher Dahl argues that “As CMOs face increased pressure from senior executives and board directors to justify marketing expenditures, they can benefit from building media assurance programs in their organizations.”

The post, entitled “Shine a Light on Media Accountability,” discusses the need for CMOs to ensure visibility and governance over advertising assurance, not only for increasingly complex agency relationships but for every digital advertising interaction.

Digital media has become particularly complex, and transparency in that channel especially challenging.  Many brands today perform digital media audits in which they build dashboards that can provide visibility and insights into areas including ad fraud, reputational risk (brand safety), and measurement KPIs such as viewability.

“By taking a more proactive approach, CMOs can gain better visibility into their marketing investments, which can help drive improved ROI and brand trust,” the authors conclude.

Read the entire article from The Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today.


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