We deliver actionable findings that drive your business.

We are 100% independent, so that we can maintain complete media and agency neutrality.  We do not plan or buy media.  We have no affiliations or ties to media agencies, holding companies, media sellers, media properties, or media research providers.  We offer complete objectivity, with no vested interest in the outcomes of our audits.  As a result, we’re able to deliver “Accountability through Objectivity” ™.

Our staff have 20+ years average media industry experience and an understanding of the media supply chain which is unrivaled in the industry.  We interface with all buying platforms and work daily with agencies of all sizes.  Our assignments range from single brand national media buys to multi-brand, multi-agency campaigns spanning hundreds of DMAs.

Every MMi Client is assigned an Account Director, Media Specialists in each audited media channel, and an Insights Manager to assure that our Clients receive findings that matter.