MMi was founded in 1995, and our sole focus then and now is to provide clients with actionable insights into their paid media to drive their business

At MMi, we focus singularly on providing clients with transparency and accountability for their media investments. To that end, we're staffed by media professionals with decades of experience. We've developed and patented software to seamlessly integrate with major buy management platforms to move 100% of our clients' buy data. We subscribe directly to 3rd party research such as Nielsen and comScore, and we are intimately familiar with it. We've invested in state-of-the-art data visualization software and talent to provide our clients with actionable insights.

We are 100% independent, so that we can maintain complete media agency, seller, and research provider neutrality.  We don't engage in services that compete with agencies.  We have no affiliations or ties to agencies, holding companies, media properties, or media research providers.  We offer complete objectivity, with no vested interest in the outcomes of our audits.

Industry Memberships

MMi proudly holds membership with industry-recognized organizations. These memberships provide us with an opportunity to participate in important dialogue on behalf of our clients and help our team stay in sync with industry trends and technological advancements.


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The MMi Difference

Our Team

MMi is staffed by former agency and client-side media professionals with decades of practical experience in the U.S. paid media supply chain. In fact, many of our team members were audited by MMi before joining us. We're passionate about the media business, and we know it cold.

Circle Audit®

Our patented Circle Audit® technology means we can seamlessly move and analyze 100% of our clients' media buy data from any major media buy management platform. No sampling, no "projections", no guesswork. If your audit findings aren't derived from your actual data, then what good are they?

Findings That Matter

Why would you conduct a media audit to find out what you already know, or to garner interesting factoids with no real-world application? An MMi media audit delivers actionable and quantifiable findings, insights and action plans that drive significant value to your organization.

Our People

Our team first came together in 1995, and we’re made of former agency and client-side media professionals with more than 20 years of combined industry experience. In fact, many of our team members were audited by MMi before joining us.

Our Patented Media Audit

We’re the only media auditors with a patented software solution. It includes 100% coverage of actual buy data and absolutely no sampling, making for thorough, accurate, and actionable data.

Our Findings

Media is an investment. Our media audit will determine if you saw a return relative to your costs and how much, so you can understand if you got what you paid for. You’ll receive objective feedback reflecting unbeatable quality control and solid media analytics.

Meet Our Team

Anna O'Toole

Director, Client Engagement

Bernice Montoya

Data Visualization

Caitlin Redfern

Data Analyst

Chris Sweeney

Senior Data Visualization

Connie Johnson

Print Insights

Corbin Bridge

Director, Digital Operations

Dawn Peterson

Local Insights

Eliza Stewart

Group Director, Client Insights

Elizabeth Frisella

Data Visualization

Eman Alvani

Senior Data Visualization

Jack Weakly

Marketing Manager

Jeanette Leonard

National Insights

Jeanette Myers

National Insights

Jessica Reynolds

Data Visualization

Jordan Pennell

Jr. Software Developer

Julie Shockley

Director, Data Services

Kaitlin Keenan

Administrative Professional

Les Hostetler

Paid Search Insights - Group Lead

Leslie Bursack

National Insights

Linda Hardin

Local Insights

Lisa Niemeyer

Chief Client Officer

Lori Baima

National Insights

Marcia Owens-Reder

Local Insights - Group Lead

Michael Solomon

Chief Operating Officer

Michele Harrison

Group Director, Account Management

Mike Fuhrman

Account Director

Mindy Ferguson

Data Specialist

Pat Alsop

Local Insights

Rachel Triplett

Data Specialist

Sandra Claus


Sheila Shay

National Insights

Steve Smith

SVP, Client Engagement

Steve Vache

Chief Information Officer

Tammie Gietl

National Insights

Tammy Eubanks

Data Specialist

Thomas Bridge

Chief Executive Officer

Todd Evans

Senior Software Developer

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