Arbitron SmartPlus

To export SmartPlus information using SmartPlus Porter:

1. Start SmartPlus Porter in Windows:

  • Click Start and point at Programs, then SmartPlus.
  • Choose SmartPlus Porter.

2. Click Export.

3. Select the information to export:

Choose Advertisers.

  • Click the Advertiser tab.
  • Click the box to the left of the advertiser to select it.
  • When you place the mouse pointer over the box, it turns into an arrow.

Choose Campaigns:

  • Click the Campaigns tab.
  • Click the box to the left of the campaign to select it.

Choose the media type and markets:

  • Click the Markets tab.
  • Select the media type.
  • Click the box to the left of the market to select it.
  • You can select as many items as you want. To select multiple items, press the Ctrl key and click the box to the left of each item. To select a range of items, click the box to the left of the first item in the range. Then press the Shift key and click the box to the left of the last item in the range.
  • You can choose to export only TV or only radio information if the campaign includes both.

4. Select a location for storing the information you highlighted:

  • Click the Destination tab.
  • Choose a drive letter (C:, F:, X:) in the Drive box.

To export to a floppy diskette:

  • Insert a diskette in the drive you selected.
  • Click the Format Floppies box if the diskette is unformatted.
  • Click the down arrow and select the diskette’s size.

Or to export to a hard drive, select an empty directory or folder where you want to store the exported information.

  • Click Create Directory to create a new directory or folder. Always use an empty folder to avoid overwriting any existing data.

5. Click Export and then click Yes if the destination location is correct.

  • If the destination already contains SmartPlus information, this export writes over and replaces that information.

6. Click Close when the export process finishes.

7. Zip the exported information into a single compressed file (click here to download Winzip – an inexpensive and popular file compression program)

8. Send the resulting “zip” file as an attachment via email