What Is Your ROI on Paid Media?

Paid media is an important investment for many companies. And they make that investment because it drives return (sales). But what is your company's level of return on its media investment? What data is feeding in to that analysis, and how reliable is it? Do you have the controls in place to assure that your return is being maximized? Or is value being left "on the table" that you aren't even aware of?

Media also has a legacy as a handshake, back-of-the-napkin business. It's been slow to embrace the level of controls and accountability prevalent in many other industries. It's also characterized by a unique, complex supply chain. Most companies don't have the resources to fully assess whether they have adequate controls in place or whether they are recieving full value for their media investment. That's where we can help.

A media audit is not a financial audit. Correct billing tells you little about media ROI. Did you receive maximum value for your investment? Do you have a prepaid media expense due to lack of audience delivery that you are not aware of? Do you have controls in place to hold partners accountable? Our Clients know the answers to these questions.

Stop wondering. get answers you can trust.

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