All Media Audits Are Not the Same

An expert, third party media audit helps you determine whether your agency partners and media sellers are performing up to your expectations. Are you getting what you paid for? Are you getting good pricing? Do you have controls in place to hold parties accountable for their performance and pricing guarantees?

Good media audits are not just about cost performance. It's not only about what you paid. It's about what you received. Was it everything it could have been, and was it what your company expected? Cost benchmarking is an important component of media auditing, but in the U.S. delivery of audience guarantees and the quality of delivered Digital impressions are just as critical.

If a media audit is based on your agency's or media partner's self-reported performance, how actionable are the findings going to be? Right. Not very. It's all about the quality of the data, and we do that.

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