A media audit is a fact-based assessment of the performance of your media buys by a neutral, expert 3rd party.

MMi media audits eliminate the pitfalls and gaps associated with self-reporting by sellers and agencies. We use your actual buy data, our own groundbreaking tech, and industry standard 3rd-party research.

MMi media audits answer 3 straightforward questions:
  • Delivery: Did we get what we paid for?
  • Efficiency: Did we pay a good price?
  • Compliance: Were our media buys managed according to our expectations?

Seller or agency self-reporting and "audit lite" offerings that rely solely on 3rd party data or agency-supplied summaries don't hold up to internal audit scrutiny. We do. That's why there's only one MMi media audit.

Neutral & Independent

MMi doesn't compete with agencies. We don't conduct agency searches. We work exclusively for advertisers.

Fact-Based Insights

Findings that come straight from your data (all of it), evaluated using industry-standard 3rd party research and our patented tech.

No "Sampling" of Data

We don't sample, because we don't have to. And because sampling doesn't cut it in media auditing.

Findings That Matter

An MMi media audit delivers actionable and quantifiable findings, insights and action plans that drive significant value to your organization.

Stop wondering. get answers you can trust.

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