One of the many impacts of Covid-19 was that many college students lost their internships or had trouble finding Summer jobs. I am a Junior in college pursuing a B.S. in Management with a Concentration in Marketing. Due to Covid-19, my Summer job fell through, and I was at a loss of what to do during my Summer vacation. Two of my siblings had done summer Internships at Media Management, Inc (MMi), so I decided to reach out to MMi and see if there was a possibility of my being an Intern there. I was lucky enough to get an internship at MMi this summer.

MMi is a media audit firm, and their Clients are major advertisers who want expert, neutral 3rd party oversight of their media buys. MMi works with advertisers and their agencies to conduct audits of their media buys and to provide insights to help them continuously improve.  Although MMi is headquartered in the St. Louis area (where I spent my Summer), about 25% of their staff are remote and live all over the U.S. Because they already had so many remote staff and were used to collaborating across locations, MMi might have been a little bit more prepared for the changes to the working environment that Covid-19 would bring, although it was still a big adjustment.

This internship would be very different than a regular internship in any other year. MMi was still having its employees work from home over the Summer, so my interview and every meeting I attended was via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Although this seemed like a challenging way to learn about a company and properly complete my tasks as an Intern, MMi made it easy for me to fulfill my role. Throughout my internship, I sat in on internal working sessions and met with some of the employees individually. Through this, I gained a strong understanding of what MMi does and how they positively impact the media industry.

Because my college degree has a Concentration in Marketing, working at a media company was a great fit for me. I worked with Mike Solomon (the COO) and focused on the backend of marketing for MMi. We worked together on several blog posts, and I edited and published them on MMi’s website using Webflow, promoted them on MMi’s social media accounts, and set up and sent out email campaigns promoting them using Mailchimp.  We tracked the results using Google Analytics.  I also posted regular industry updates to MMi’s LinkedIn page.

While meeting with some of the employees individually, each one of them showed me what their jobs are and how they do them. This included virtual coffees with the CEO, Chief Client Officer, Controller, Director – Data Viz, and Media Insights.  Through these discussions, I was exposed to Tableau, Asana, QuickBooks, Strata (a media posting system) and Circle Audit (MMi’s patented audit platform).

Not only did I learn about the technicalities and business side of MMi, I also learned about the great work environment that is fostered within MMi. Even though everyone was working from their homes, it was evident even through the computer screen, that MMi has a friendly and “family first” environment. Every employee faced their own challenges because of working from home, like so many others all over the world. Whether it was having other family members in the house, technical issues, or any other distraction, everyone was always so understanding of the issues at hand.

Overall, I had a very positive experience during my summer internship at MMi. I learned many skills – job skills and life skills -- that I will definitely take with me throughout the rest of my college career and throughout my entire life. In my first opportunity in the real world work environment, I feel so privileged to have had a positive and productive experience in a supportive and successful company. I now know what kind of company I will look for when applying for a job in the future.

Photo Credit: © Vadym Pastukh | Dreamstime.comundefined