An Interview with Former Client and New VP, Client Engagement

Before joining MMI in early 2020, Brian Jennings was a client of MMi for 23 years across several successful National fast food brands.  Our Chief Client Officer Lisa Niemeyer sat down with him to understand all the ways he used the MMi offerings and services, and where we might continue to evolve.

Brian Jennings, VP Client Engagement
Q:  What is the benefit of MMi in a nutshell?

A:   MMi and the media auditing played a tremendous role in delivering sales, traffic counts and more importantly profits to all parties involved.

Q:  Describe the scope of an MMi partnership.

A: MMi ensured we received exactly what we paid for.  You helped us recover millions of dollars in under delivered media, which we knew drove sales.  That’s why we advertise in the first place.  We were able to provide our franchise partners oversight of their media spend in a way they could not do on their own.  In addition to the media audits, MMi delivered quarterly agency report cards and system wide rankings that provided our management a good overview of how our multitude of local media buying agencies were performing.

Over the years, MMi became an integral part of the planning process.  You provided guidance on our annual updates to our media buying guidelines and communicated agency performance and industry trends in advance, so we were always well prepared.  We appreciated your team attending our National and Regional conferences and making yourselves available to discuss any and all media issues with our team and our agency partners.

Q:  It goes beyond the quarterly media audit reports?  

A:   Yes!  We received timely and detailed delivery, efficiency, and compliance reports, but the findings always provided recommendations how to address any shortcomings.  MMi also provided one-on-one counseling to all challenged agencies and training to our own client-side staff.  MMi was always on top of the latest media measurement and delivery trends and demonstrated to us the benefit of any changes.

One great example is the introduction of Nielsen’s Local People Meter audience measurement in our largest markets.  The education and audit process for those markets was excellent because we knew the media buyers received performance updates on a weekly basis.  We were able to monitor maximum utilization of media dollars during times when we were providing the customers a limited time offering.

Lisa Niemeyer, Chief Client Officer
Q:  What about MMi client service?

A:  Anytime questions were asked or further explanations were needed, they were answered almost immediately so as not to let any issues fester.  MMi always delivered reports on-time and even early based on the needs of particular meeting.  All reports were  thorough and detailed.

Q:  Any closing comments?

A:  The process for auditing media was a well-oiled machine.  There was complete buy-in from the client to ensure the process was always followed to leverage any and all media dollars spent.  MMi helped us recover millions of dollars in media value that would have otherwise been completely lost.  

To talk to Brian about his experience and the benefits of a partnership with MMi, please contact him directly at or (203) 747-9242.  You can also reach out to Steve Smith, EVP Client Engagement, at or (314) 378-7001.

Photo Credit:  © One Photo | Dreamstime