MMi’s patented Circle Audit® technology facilitates seamless electronic transfer and analytics of each individual transaction and commercial occurrence.  Audit findings from your actual data. Every last bit of it.

Sampling doesn't work in media audits. One market, seller, or time period is not projectible to another. This has hard financial implications. For findings to be actionable, it’s important to look at every commercial within the negotiated deal, using your actual buy data. If your media audit findings aren’t being driven by your data, and if they aren't actionable, then what good are they?

MMi's 3-2-1 Assessment provides clients and their agencies with a fact-based, straightforward answer to the question "So, how did we do?" If a client's own behavior is contributing to sub-par performance, we aren't afraid to say so.

  • 100% Coverage (no sampling)
  • Quantifiable, actionable media audit findings
  • 25 years experience as auditors in the U.S. paid media ecosystem
  • Full subscriptions and permissible use to all requisite 3rd-party media research
  • Findings reported using Tableau data visualization
  • Objective, transparent 3-2-1 Assessment of performance

Stop wondering. get answers you can trust.

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