Leverage MMi's media expertise, industry purview, and neutrality

Many of MMi's clients leverage our paid media supply chain expertise, broad industry purview, and neutral position in the marketplace for an array of consulting services. These can include in depth reviews of media planning, buying or stewardship processes. We also provide advisory services for the establishment, tracking and validation of agency performance criteria and KPIs.

At MMi, we don't consult in areas that might place our status as a neutral, trusted advisor in jeopardy. We do not plan or buy media or advise on media strategy. We do not sell media or endorse specific agencies, media sellers or channels. We do not conduct agency searches. That's why our Clients trust us, and it's why agencies don't question our motives.

  • Development of Media Performance Criteria and agency scoring methodology
  • Validation of media agency and/or vendor performance vs. contractual KPIs
  • Procurement support for development of agency contractual expectations, media transparency provisions, and audit rights
  • Media savings analysis
  • Cost benchmarking
  • Plan and process reviews
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Media transparency assessment

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