The Media Accountability Double Standard

Very few clients and/or agencies & media auditing firms are handling Digital Media accountability at the same level as Traditional Media. Standards evolve continuously. Legacy media buying software systems are limited in their support of the constantly changing media channels that comprise the digital ecosystem. Data ownership is not clearly defined between Client, Agency and Seller -- leading to governance issues. Transparency is often lacking, making it difficult to drive actionable accountability.

Transparency and Accountability For Your Digital Ad Spend

MMi Diced™ applies the same standards for independent, objective analysis of source data to Digital Media that we have long offered for Traditional Media. Our agile, modular design allows us to focus on the channels and research providers that best serve your needs. We fully integrate with all agency and third-party research data systems, and provide you with timely, actionable insights and KPIs that drive real value. Imagine that.

  • Flexible, modular analytics platform designed to work with disparate data sources
  • Goes beyond summary-level, third-party verification data and self-reported media agency analytics
  • Independent analysis leveraging full Client data set and third party research, just like in Traditional Media
  • Timely insights and flexible KPIs designed to satisfy individual Client needs
  • Prescriptive reporting that leads to markedly improved future campaign results

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