Bringing Expert, 3rd Party Accountability To Paid Search

Unlike many media channels, for most advertisers Paid Search is "always on." Objectives and campaigns may change over time, but activity is constant. And because of the automated nature of Paid Search, that means that the meter is ALWAYS running. Time that elapses with deficient processes and controls in place results in hard costs for advertisers. And left unaddressed, those costs just keep building over time.

Although Paid Search is a component of paid media, its ecosystem is dramatically different than other media channels (even digital display). Because of this, Paid Search is usually handled by disparate agency teams (or entirely different agencies), and may even have separate client oversight than other paid media.

At MMi, we understand these nuances, but we also know (because our clients tell us), that advertisers want and expect the same level of expert, 3rd party oversight in Paid Search as in other media. And that is precisely why MMi has invested in the tools and talent to provide our new Search Science offering.

  • An end-to-end accountability solution covering all paid search investments
  • Full review of documentation to ensure clarity, completeness and quality controls
  • Thorough, expert examination of account architecture emphasizing strategically-sound structure and consistent application of best practices
  • Objective performance audits based on direct data feeds from each search engine, and featuring industry vertical KPIs
  • Collaborative approach based on full understanding of advertiser and agency responsibilities and challenges
  • Always objective and comprehensive to provide Total Brand Accountability

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