A startling 63% of marketers don’t have a standardized process for measuring the return on their sponsorship initiatives.*

Sponsorships are an important component of many Clients' marketing plans. Because they often extend beyond media exposure, their contracts and measurement often do not include the same level of media-related delivery and compliance expectations found in traditional media buys.

Further, sponsorships are often handled by a different team on the Client side and contracted directly with entities such as leagues or teams rather than media sellers. As a result, paid media expectations and performance validation protocols are sometimes lacking.

However, paid media is often the single largest dollar value driver in sponsorship agreements. MMi's Sponsorship Science offering leverages AI, media expertise and third-party research to provide Clients with a true valuation of their media delivery in sponsorships. Because it beats guessing.

* “Improving Sponsorship Accountability Metrics”; July, 2018; Association of National Advertisers(ANA) and Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB)

  • An end-to-end accountability solution covering all sponsorship investments.
  • The ability to leverage AI/machine learning, allowing for infinite scalability – no need to “sample.”
  • Access to MMi quality controls, significantly enhanced 3rd party audience research and industry cost-benchmarking data.
  • The ability to combine paid schedule + sponsorship delivery and compliance for Total Brand Accountability.
  • Industry-leading methodology to account for multiple sponsorship elements.
  • 20+ years of thought leadership in media transparency, accountability and ROI

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